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Renée Bott

I specialize in contemporary fine art prints. The Bott Collection offers more than 400 fine art prints made by over 40 artists. I also have extensive knowledge about leading contemporary print publishers, their artists, and their inventory. I enjoy educating my clients about how limited edition prints are made, marketed, numbered and documented. As a member of the San Francisco Art Dealer’s Association, as well as a 15 year membership to the International Fine Print Dealers Association, I have long-standing relationships with top galleries, print publishers, and print dealers.

As your consultant, I will work with you to help you target investment-quality artwork that suits your aesthetics, fits your budget, and compliments your collection concept. I will work with you to identify investment-grade art, as well as handle all aspects of the procurement process. My guidance includes recommendations for quality archival framers, appraisers, and professional art handlers. My care means an exciting and enjoyable acquisitions experience for you.


I charge $100.00 per hour for time spent working in person with clients. This includes:

·      Travel to and from appointments

·      Meetings / discussions about collection objectives

·      Reviewing aesthetic concerns and developing research parameters

·      Budget allocation

·      Art location assessment

·      Providing additional material and making art presentations

·      Gallery visits

·      Overseeing art moving and installation

Art Commission Percentage:

For any art purchased from a source other than The Bott Collection, I receive a 10% -20% percent sales commission paid by the gallery.

For art purchased directly from The Bott Collection, there is no sales commission.  The availability of a print(s) and the scope of the purchase, determine the pricing and sales structure.

Renée Bott works with Donald Baechler on  Alphabet,  2003 Paulson Bott Press studio Berkeley CA.

Renée Bott works with Donald Baechler on Alphabet, 2003 Paulson Bott Press studio Berkeley CA.